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Warriors Fitness and Personal Training

Warriors Fitness  has been empowering men and women now for more than five years. With our training location at Amerifit Fitness Club. We’re pleased to present you with a cutting edge fitness work out. Custom tailored to your specific needs, that will positively help you to reach your fitness goals! Warriors Fitness - Personal Training is a health focused organization that combines various forms of combat training. Including, Read More  

Have a fantastic time while getting an exhausting workout! Anthony is a great teacher and all around good guy. His fitness boxing classes have taught me the fundamentals of boxing while getting me stupendous shape. Anthony diligent instructor that will recognize what you want to get out of the class, all while ensuring optimal physical conditioning. As a Shadyside resident, I have a plethora of fitness options, but I choose to drive out to the South Hills three times a week strictly for training with Anthony. Whether you’d like to lose weight, get in better shape or learn how to box, I’d recommend going out to see Mr. Colonna. - Chris Valasek, Pittsburgh, PA 10/10/11
Chris Valasek
Chris Valasek warriors fitness