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Warriors Fitness  has been empowering men and women now for more than five years. With our training location at Amerifit Fitness Club. We’re pleased to present you with a cutting edge fitness work out. Custom tailored to your specific needs, that will positively help you to reach your fitness goals! Warriors Fitness - Personal Training is a health focused organization that combines various forms of Boxing, Kickboxing and Circuit Training to give you the best results possible. Be sure to check out the Warriors Fitness "Rounds Fitness" program. The "12 rounds" Warriors Fitness Personal Training workout is designed to enhance ability and torch calories! Each of the 12 rounds are focused on improving the areas that boxing athletes need to target most: speed, strength, stamina, accuracy, and athleticism. Not only is this workout effective, but it's fun! These aggressive intervals are accompanied by rest periods to ensure that you're recovered and ready to attack the next round. Give it a try! Read More

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